Everyone seems to be giving out tips or secrets to cure baldness; some are reasonable and some just ridiculous. Some are so far out there that either the person giving the advice is just having fun, has never experienced baldness or is truly misinformed.

You may have asked yourself will vitamins or supplements help my baldness and what about topical solutions or natural herbs. You may have even tried some of the “miracle creams or wiz bang gadgets” that you saw on TV…but none of them worked. You still have baldness. Let us explore some of the natural ways to regrow your hair that really do work.

Tip #1. Vitamins and supplements can they really help? Research has proven that the lack of nutrients and minerals can cause baldness. It is true our diets no longer contain the nutrients and minerals that we need. Even our fruits and vegetables no longer contain the amount of minerals and vitamins that they once did. The lack of natural fertilizer and over planting has contributed to this problem.

This leaves us with the fact that we need to add dietary supplements in order to promote healthy hair growth and reverse the baldness. The most important nutrients to consume to promote healthy hair growth is vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium and biotin. These can assist in a fuller and stronger head of hair and improve the immune system.

Tip #2. Topical solutions. There are some topical solutions, such as Minoxidil that are approved by the FDA for male and female pattern baldness. Originally, Minoxidil was not used for baldness but was developed to be used for high blood pressure, but later it was discovered that it would help hair to grow. The reason it works is that it blocks DHT, which causes hair loss and improves blood circulation to the hair root and scalp. Using Minoxidil can help stop hair loss and support the hair follicle to grow a stronger and fuller head of hair.

Tip #3. Natural herbs. The use of natural herbs to treat diseases goes back as far as biblical times. Native Americans and settlers of the early North American colonies used herbs extensively to cure diseases. One herb that has been used since early times is saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto was originally used to prevent prostate disease. It has been proven that prostate disease, as well as hair loss are both caused by DHT. Therefore, saw palmetto can be used effectively to treat baldness by inhibiting the production of DHT. This also increases blood flow circulation to the hair root which boasts hair growth.

Needle roots is another herb that can be used to help with circulation to the hair root. More blood flow and oxygen carried to the hair root will increase hair growth which, as we all know, lessens baldness.

Female baldness has been helped by the use of horsetail, another herb that promotes strong, healthy and thick hair. Horsetail also helps with the appearance of skin, making it more healthy and youthful looking. Horsetail was originally used in skincare creams and was later discovered to help diminish baldness.

The use of natural herbs, vitamin and mineral supplementation and the correct topical solution can get you on the road to diminishing your baldness. This is the first step in solving your hair loss problem and making sure your baldness is no longer a problem.

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